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H.323 Video-Conferencing

Video Conferencing FAQ

MBone Home Page

MBone MATES Software

Multimedia Video Capture on FreeBSD

MBone for Windows from Microsoft Research

The SDR Session Directory

Niels den Otter's MBone Page

The MASH Project Home Page

The Multimedia Conferencing Applications Archive

Videoconferencing Advisory Services - Mirrors

RTP: Overview

RTP: Sources

Audio/Video Transport (avt) Charter

Microsoft Netmeeting

Cornell's CU-Seeme

Video Conferencing Standards List

Video Streaming: A View from the Trenches

Video Conferencing Cookbook - Uses of Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing Insight

Everything you wanted to know about "Videoconferencing"

The CU-SeeMe Cool Site

Q-SeeMe Home Page - videoconferencing client for Linux

MicroTimes - April 28, 1999 - Issue No. 192 - "Video-Conferencing Comes Into Focus"

H.323 Mail Archive

JavaCU Applet

Free reflector software for White Pine and CU-SeeMe

Speak Freely for Unix - (will be adding video)

GVCNET - Resources for Multimedia Communications

OpenH323 Gatekeeper

Location of Devserv (a video device server) and Confcntlr (a video conference controller)

Videoconferencing MCU for Linux - (White Pine news announcement)

IP Masquerade - module for Net Meeting 3 is now available for 2.0.x Linux kernels

PhonePatch - (Let everyone on your local area network share a single Internet connection for NetMeeting conversations).

H.323 Corner

T.120 and H.323 Conference Server Info

Internet Telephony Repository

Home of LinuxVIDEO IP


Implementing QoS Solutions for H.323 Video Conferencing Over IP

Net-based Meetings

PDA Video Conferencing Directory

Video Development Initiative

Video Conferencing in Linux

Mac-to-Mac video conferencing & Mac-to-Phone communication tool:
ohphoneX - XMeeting - H.323 client also listed at VersionTracker


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